After you have installed MDebug you are able to see the menu "MDebug" within Visual Studio.


MDebug Account

To use MDebug, please open at first the "MDebug Options" to enter your credentials as they are needed to use MDebug.


Within this dialog you are getting asked to enter your username and password from your account on If you do not have any account yet, just create one - it is fast and easy. Every account will automatically receive a 14 day trial license which is immediently activated after you have created an account, so you can use MDebug instantly.

To be sure, everything is up and works, just click on "Refresh license" to check our licensing server if you have entered everything correct. Afterwards you should receive a green message which indicates everything is up and running.


If you have troubles here, just catch up our support and contact it on


Within the options page, you are able to switch your MDebug language at any point if you like to do so. Just select your desired language and everything will refresh immediantly, this language is independently from Visual Studio, so you are free to choose what you want. Furthermore, languages will come with the time and we will support more languages as soon as possible.

Local mono options

If you want to run a mono application locally on your machine, you have to install a local copy of the Windows Mono runtime. You can download the runtime here:

After installing Mono, the right "mono.exe" path should automatically be picked up, if not, just restart Visual Studio. If the right mono executable still can not be found, please choose the "mono.exe" by yourself.

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